JVT2 Tast 1 Complete

Well… task came back all great. My only advise on this is follow the template to the T, and put in as much detail as possible, even if repetitive. Also add in citations wherever possible. 

Looks like I should get started on task 2.. I’m really dreading it still. At the moment I’m just trying to narrow down my topic. I’m having trouble turning it into a research question… Perhaps I’m over thinking it. Like I can find some ways to solve the problem, but I guess I am not sure how to turn it into measurable research. 

My original topic through my previous classes was regarding inferencing skills and how to best teach students to apply these skills. Specifically in 6th grade with the increased rigor and lack of preparedness from elementary school. Once I got started with that topic, I was thinking it was too vague and abstract to measure. I also work with gifted and will be conducting a workshop for my colleagues to help them differentiate for high level students within their classrooms. I thought I would expand my topic to include all grade levels (K-8 specifically) instead of just 6th grade and that I can use my workshop as part of my research. but how to I do that? Do I give them strategies and follow up on their implementation and observe their practice? Do I measure student growth? If so, how can I do that? Or do I just focus on the changes of teachers’ practices in differentiating for high-level learners. Also, what would my research question be? Hypothesis?

I guess I’m too much of a science teacher to see how something like this can be real research with valid data that can be measured, analyzed and repeated. I’m more of a quantitative person than a qualitative person. I like concrete evidence. I like things to be to the point and level no room for varying interpretation. I’m having trouble seeing how this topic can follow these characteristics. I could change my topic… sure.. but for my sanity, I need to align my work and my school. I have too much that I am responsible for to have everything on different topics. This is already something I have to do for my current job and it keeps me so busy that I can’t even think about doing anything else. 

I really need help with this. 

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4 thoughts on “JVT2 Tast 1 Complete

  1. mrd0103 says:

    What about something you can measure through the use of surveys, like student participation, or increase in student satisfaction/engagement (not sure what questions exactly to ask to solicit the responses), or even measure the use of science process skills–the problem being that students don’t understand the process or use appropriate skills where they should. ? Just some thoughts. Think of your problem in terms of what students need (to do, to know, to demonstrate, etc.) *Thanks for the note on the student forum. You are doing an amazing job! You ARE doing it! :)

  2. s says:

    do you have an email I can send a few task 1 questions to?

  3. mrd0103 says:

    Oops! Sorry! I thought wgugal was speaking to me! :/ Nevermind!

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